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Welcome to registration for the Dr. Drew E. Marshall Christian Education Week. You are Committed! Please follow the following prompts to help us prepare for our educational experience together. This year is completely virtual; so we thank you for your patience as we all learn together. Please Contact our Christian Education director Dr. Ronald L. Bobo at 248-334-5043 or by email at cew@trinitychurchpontiac.org if you have any questions. 

-virtually committed The Christian Education Ministry.  

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1. Reaching Men With The Gospel: This class is open to men and women alike. Quite often the church has targeted everyone except men as the object of our evangelism, but if we ever needed strong, dynamic godly men to lead our families, our churches and our communities, this is that time. Our hearts and minds need redirecting toward this most important and impactful mission field.

2. Go Means Go! (The Great Commission): Quite often the church has been focused upon everything except the Great Commission. We have often allowed worship to substitute for effective, pointed, evangelism outside the walls of the local church. If we ever needed strong, dynamic godly people to reach our families, our communities, our nation and the world, this is that time. We are not called to stay in one place, we are called to go in to all the world.

3. Becoming an Intergenerational Church: There appears to be a trend in the church to emphasize reaching one generation, while ignoring the other generations that are also a part of the local church. This is done at the expense of starving the souls of some, on the one hand, and at the peril of losing countless others to the world on the other hand. We have often allowed worship and programming to so narrowly focus our attention to the point of destruction to the body of Christ. But if we ever needed to rethink our approach to reaching the various generations in the local church and in society at large, this is that time.

4. Recognizing and Using My Spiritual Gifts: There appears to be a great need in the church to enlighten and empower people to walk in the gifting that they have been given by the Lord our God. Much of our attention has been given to the gifts of teaching, preaching and singing, without exploring what the Lord wants to do through each believer in the Body of Christ. We must rethink our approach to seeking and activating the various gifts of the Holy Spirit in the local church to impact the world for Christ.

5. Is Jesus Christ the Only Way?: In the past few decades there has been a shift in the thinking of many in our country that there are other ways to get to God. As Christians, we believe that Jesus Christ is the only way, but even in the church we can see the signs of syncretism and drifting from a Biblical world view.  Our hearts and minds need redirecting toward this most central aspect of the faith of the church of our Lord Jesus. 

6. Dealing With Temptation Wisely: Temptation has been with us since Adam and Eve were tempted in the Garden of Eden. Even Jesus was tempted when He walked the earth, but was able to resist the temptations at every turn. Although none of us can achieve His perfect record, God has not left us to fend off the devil’s attacks on our own. This class is designed to help us when temptation comes our way.

7. Finding God In Tragic Moments, The Book of Ruth:  During these very stressful times of pandemic, hunger, death, and grief, people need to have the light and hope that comes from the word of God. The Book of Ruth is replete with all of the above. This class is designed to help us to see a Biblical perspective on how to deal with tragedy and sorrow and pain.

8. Intimacy, Our Daily Walk with God: God has created each of us with a longing for intimacy - intimacy with Him. Therefore we must come to some understanding of what He is asking of us and what He is offering. We must also come to the realization that we were created to have fellowship with our Creator. We need Him and He desires us. This class is designed to help the student to understand what intimacy is, how it is attained, and how to come to an understanding of God’s desire for intimacy with us.


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